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"Learn the Rules Like a Pro, So You Can Break Them Like an Artist!" Art - Mug

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Bring your morning to life with the colors and depth of this bright and fun mug with Jocelyn's paint brushes and a red Sunflower with the beach as the backdrop! "Learn the Rules Like A Pro, So You Can Break Them Like an Artist" is a quote attributed to Pablo Picasso. Variations of it have been used widely by Rebels from The Dali Lama to Fashion Guru Alexander McQueen, which is where Jocelyn's story about her art creation process begins and ends. 

First, Jocelyn spends a lot of time studying the best practices on how to create and master things. Her method of execution is using the best practices in mind then taking things apart, thinking differently, and splashing paints outside the box! She allows her intuition guide her in figuring out how to tell the story that she wants to convey, and pushes the boundaries while achieving the best quality and composition that she envisions. She puts it all together on canvas to make things captivating, inspirational and meaningful.  #ThinkDifferent #BeBold #BeFree

About this Mug

  • Ceramic
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • White and glossy

About the Artwork

Original Art Work Word Art:
Learn the Rules Like A Pro So you can break them like an Artist!"

Additional Word Art on this Mug:

  • Think Different
  • Learn the rules so you know how to break them properly!

Materials used in the original artwork include: 
Acrylic paints in blue, orange, red, white, yellow, and black hues, acrylic medium, gels, watercolor, dyed vintage book pages, recycled tissue paper, India ink, and stitches. 

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  • If you are ordering multiple mugs for you and your friends, they will be packaged in bubble wrap and placed in individual boxes inside one box to ship complete.

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