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Welcome to my Art Website!

I am a painter, visionary, and storyteller specializing in mixed media. Coming from a long bloodline of true artisans, and having worked in the hi-tech sector in Silicon Valley for more than 20 years, I thrive in taking things apart, thinking outside the box, figuring out how to best integrate and weave all of the materials and medium together to paint and depict the rich story of my subject matters on canvas.

I integrate inspirational messages and layer my paintings with relevant reclaimed objects to create textures and find interesting ways to develop complex diverse depths of colors into my artworks. I enjoy challenging my own creative limits by taking critical risks with my art. While a typical painter might be satisfied in leaving alone a beautiful painted image, I thrive in adding multiple layers on top of what might look like a completed painting to achieve greater composition — to push myself to create cutting-edge artworks, and stir my art patrons to feel inspired as they view each piece.

When I think of the terms “moxie,” “authentic,” and “cutting-edge” what comes to my mind? A combination of passion, courage, fortitude, perseverance, grit, tenacity, fearlessness and resourcefulness drives my creative back bone. Having moxie with a deep Soul, with a mindset of never-ever giving up, and my ability to power through uncertainty, disappointment, status quo, and even disheartening challenges -- all while being true to my own core-values, innovative, boundary-pushing, and risk-taking are all characteristics that I would like to be described as an Artist.

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