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Prayer in Hidden Depths Collector Series: "May Things Be Good Today" - Canvas Print

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Do you need fresh and positive inspiration in your space? Hang this canvas print in your room, or near your door so that you're reminded everyday that when your intention is positive and kind, you welcome and invite a whole lot of good things! You will do good things. And today, might even be amazing! We hope that you will discover and enjoy the many hidden treasures and details in this jewel (see below).

Inspired by the Artist's favorite meditation app (Buddhify) and treasured books on her bedside (The Wisdom of Sundays by Oprah Winfrey, and The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle), Jocelyn created this artwork as a daily reminder to start her mornings by saying her favorite mantra, “May things be good today.”

When you wake up or before heading out the door, the most important thing is to do is to set a good, positive intention for your day ahead. An intention is the quality of consciousness that motivates: you, your deeds, actions, words, and consequences. It's an energy and a prayer. 

"The consciousness or energy behind the motivation is going to determine the effect that occurs." (-Oprah)

About the Canvas Print

  • Printed on a premium canvas
  • Stretched on a wooden frame (1.5" x 1.5" stretcher bars)
  • Ready to hang (with pre-attached hanging wire, mounting hooks, and nails)

About the Artwork

    Original Art Work Word Art:
    “May things be good today

    May Things Be Good Today - Prayer:

    Saying or praying, “may things be good today” helps you realize that that beauty, love, creativity, joy, peace and loved ones (and even others) are what truly matters.

    • May things be good today. I want to have a good morning and good day.
    • May things be good today.  I'm starting to think that the journeys in the day ahead might be busy, challenging, or it may not be good at all... 
    • May things be good today. But when things aren't so good today, may my ability to react and deal -- may be good and more kind today.
    • May things be good today. This prayer is like a loyal friend, and anchor that helps me to stay calm even when the sea waters might get rough...
    • May things be good today. I begin to awaken and shift my thoughts to wishing well-being for myself, the people who are near and dear to me, even the strangers, all the Ships at Sea, and all sentient beings, too.
    • May things be good today. I am breathing a lighter air. By setting this positive intention, and giving my heart the permission to open up and be soft -- I feel my face and body smile and relax. :))
    • May things be good today. Thought by thought, choice by choice, I am co-creating my Life and those around based on the energy of my intention.
    • May things be good today. May I find joys, blessings in disguised, and pleasant hidden treasures -- underneath all of the details, spider webs and other myriads of today.

    Materials used in the original artwork include: 
    Encaustic medium (a blend of clear beeswax and damar resin), encaustic paints, oil sticks, India Ink, rusted key, a hidden prayer, and found "Sea Treasures"

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