Thank you for visiting my website. More than ever, small business owners such as myself really appreciate your support.



It takes creativity, passion, blood, sweat, tears, very hard work, determination, persistence, resilience, skills, aptitude and MOXIE -- among other things, to fulfill our dreams and do what we are born to do!  Sometimes being a working artist can feel like it's a lonely sport. Similar to being a boxer, an artist -- truly needs a coach, team and cheerleaders on their side of the ring -- to remind us to keep on going, to get-up when we're down, and cheer our small and big wins! It takes a village to help and encourage a dreamer to reach their goals and answer their Life's Calling.

Without the support of my family and friends, loyal assistance from our first team member Monica Diaz, and generous patronage from my CUSTOMERS -- I would not be able to achieve my Dream as a full-time artist.

I also want to offer my endless gratitude to these business super heroes who help give wings and lifeline to my art business: Joelle Cruz at Reinvent Agency, Awanda Booth and Londy Alvarez at Surtex, Stephanie Tatro at Freeman Exhibit Transportation/Freeman Company, and countless other leaders.

My top favorite living icons also deserve my gratitude for their work: SuperSoul Sunday by Oprah, The Alchemist by Paul Coelho, The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron, and "JC" from the New Testament. These spiritual heroes of mine truly live-out their fullest potential -- so that they can help guide the rest of us with their wisdom and experiences. They don't know me personally (except for JC), but they continue to teach me and hold a spiritual lantern to light my path with every step I take.

Most importantly, this website and my artworks are primarily dedicated to my number ONE Supporter, My Mom Cely:

Nay, thank you for your enduring prayers and loving support. With everything that I do, I always remember that you've told me that I CAN DO ANYTHING. This and your prayers always gives me courage and trust in our God, who is our Great Creator. Thank you so much for your love and everything, Nay. I love you always. 

With my gratitude to all of you,